BioShift® UV-C Disinfection Chambers

UV-C Sterilisation Chambers
UV-C Sterilisation Chambers


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• Shared handheld devices & scanners
• Shared hand tools
• Mobile phones
• Shoes
• Personal belongings


• Disinfects Covid19 & other viruses in 1 minute
• Easy to use one button operation
• 4 trays for high traffic entrance
• Heavy duty and hygienic stainless steel construction
• Maximises Bio-security protocols
• High powered & reliable

Guarantee Bio-security Compliance

The BioShift® Pass-Through UV-C Chamber is a vital tool to use alongside established bio-security protocols. It is designed to fix key vulnerabilities within healthcare and industrial facilities, while enhancing protocols by killing viruses and other pathogens in a recommended time of 5 minutes, before they can enter your facility.


The BioShift® chamber uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) germicidal radiation, which provides a cost-effective and immediate way of deactivating the DNA in bacteria and viruses by destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. There are two factors that directly influence the effectiveness of UV-C disinfection: time of exposure and light intensity. The amount of time UV-C is exposed to any given pathogen is proportional to the rate of elimination.


Testing by a recognised laboratory specialising in antimicrobial, biocidal and virocidal effectiveness showed that exposure of UV-C radiation in the BioShift® chamber for one minute resulted in elimination of >99.99% of common viruses.

Adapts to Your Facility

The BioShift® chamber is available in two sizes. The large chamber is made with four trays and is great for facilities or entrances with a higher volume of people coming and
going every single day. The small chamber is perfect for individual use and limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like mobile phones, footwear, devices and tools.

Bioshift UV-C Sterilisation Chambers

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