Animal-Centric Lighting

Increase Animal Welfare & Productivity

Increase profits & improve welfare, with our Animal-Centric Lighting

ONCE - a Signify Company

• Increase yields up to 3%
• Significant welfare increases
• Eliminates stress behaviours
• Provides ‘closest to nature’ habitats
• Promotes healthy hormonal development

• Solutions available for layers & broilers
• World’s first lighting technology
• Day & night simulation
• Stimulating natural circadian rhythm
• Payback in as little as 12 months
• Increases feed conversion ratio

Introducing our newest product, Animal-Centric Lighting by Once and Signify. Animal-Centric lighting is designed to reduce stress behaviours, significantly increase welfare, increase feed conversion ratio and maximise your yields.

By using WORLD’S FIRST technology, Animal-Centric Lighting combines UV with colour preference technology, to provide the closest possible habitat to nature. By stimulating the animal’s Circadian rhythms, Animal-Centric Lighting promotes natural hormonal and physical development. This results in better quality and higher volume of eggs for layers and higher quality meat for Broilers.

With lighting to fit any housing system on the market, Animal-Centric lighting can;

  • Increase, extend and sustain a layer’s seasonality – meaning more, high quality eggs & for longer
  • Eliminate stress behaviours & ‘Woody Breast syndrome’, whilst also reducing myopathy
  • Promotes increased muscular and skeletal development, preventing H/L asymmetry
  • Trains birds when to return to housing and to lay eggs in the right places (eliminating floor eggs), by simulating day & night
  • Lowers feed costs by increasing feed conversion ratio
  • ROI possible after FIRST flock!
  • Reduce medical costs & disease
  • Tailored to your flock

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions

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