Safelux Red T5 8W Lamp

NATO Approved


Fotolec Technologies Safelux low light level red fluorescent lamps emit up to 26% more light between 600-700 Nanometres than most other red low level lamps currently available.

The Safelux T5 lamp offers optimum performance for sensitive locations and working conditions with an overall 58% transmission at the required output.

The Safelux T5 lamp uses a tough, unique anti tear polycarbonate sleeving system that will safe guard against white light leakage fading or embrittlement.

Using a specially blended phosphor fluorescent T5 lamp to concentrate energy at the required level, the Safelux T5 lamp will offer a superior quality of light as well as a high level of protection at all times throughout lamp life.

Stock Code NATO Stock No. Description
L6148-8-830S 6240-99-537-0535 12″ 8w T5 Super Red

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Lighting Industry Association
BRC Global Standards - GG Lighting Solutions

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