FEP Heat Shrink Tubing


GlassGuard® FEP Heat Shrink Sleeving has been specifically designed to lay down smoothly and quickly for customers wishing to make their own shatterproof fluorescent lamps to IEC 61549 Industry Standard.

The extruded diameter and specific expansion size of GlassGuard® FEP Heat Shrink Sleeving means it will not wrinkle or trap air like other tubing can when applying to lamps at speed.

Simply sleeve up single or multiple short lamps and apply heat evenly between 110°C – 150°C. The FEP sleeving will shrink down tightly and give a smooth finish in matter of seconds.

GlassGuard® FEP Heat Shrink Tubing is available on continuous reels of 100M or can be supplied in cut lengths upon request.

Our FEP Heat Shrink Sleeving is manufactured to the highest quality and is available in T5, T8, T10 & T12 sizes as standard.

If you have FEP tubing requirements for other diameters or sizes that are not for lamps please contact our sales office as we may able to assist you.

Want to know more about our services? Contact our sales team.

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