Direct Extrusion Coating Services

Shatterproof coating for linear lamps


Fotolec Technologies Ltd (GlassGuard®) is a leading shatterproof coating manufacturer for conventional linear fluorescent & LED lamps supporting global OEM markets. Our custom built direct extrusion lines apply fluoro plastic shatterproof coatings at high speed to all types of linear lamps.


GlassGuard® shatterproof coatings meet IEC 61549 (BS EN 61549) Industry Standard and provide a high level of protection against glass contamination in the event of accidental lamp breakage. Manufacturing directly from resins we provide a lamp coating service superior in quality performance which is competitively priced and with unrivalled turnaround times.


Fotolec Technologies Ltd – GlassGuard®  is your direct OEM partner for outsourced shatterproof lamp coatings. We also facilitate customer own branding and can meet specific requirements tailored to your needs including call off stocking and global dispatch.


Fotolec Technologies Ltd – GlassGuard®  also offer direct extrusion coating services for other linear tubular products. We can apply various plastic resins to tubes & pipes up to 38mm in diameter as standard. Larger sizes can be available and would be subject to project size where any tooling investment might be necessary.

As a solutions driven business, we welcome specific custom products and our R&D team will be happy to discuss your enquiry.

Want to know more about our services? Contact our sales team.

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